Economic Crisis: In India?

India is sliding economically, unemployment is rising at a fast rate. The wages of the working people is being reduced. Even the semi employed workers, close to 40 Crore, at a meager wage of INR 4-6000/month, without insurance, leave, medical facilities, PF or gratuity, are facing the wrath of being thrown back to streets!
It’s repercussions are seen in politics, social activities. Fascism is rising. Dalits, minorities, tribes, working women are being harassed, lynched, marginalized.
It is not sheer effort by the elite class (or its political, administrative, policing managers) to raise its falling profit rate but to evade a cyclic economic slowdown. Seems a bit out of sync with the world economy, but its fact. Is China not facing same, and the EU?
Shall we see the economic crisis, which so far we never experienced, where the growth rate is negative, although was lurking on the horizon, since MMS led “Reform” started in 1990s, even though it gave us high GDP! But it had seeds of destruction, as the GDP was pocketed by few elites!
Or have we reached the bottom of the crisis? Does not look like, as in addition to economic nature of the present capitalism (which has boom & doom as it’s natural babies), we have economic mismanagement by the present government to a lunatic level, like forcing GST, demonetization and fascistic division of the society to grab the power!
Its not a wait and watch situation but to act in unity with those who are politically correct, progressive, revolutionaries to save ourselves and the future generations.


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