Netanyahu: The Criminal Who Is Still Free

Hitler is gone but not Nazism, Mussolini is gone but not fascism. Feudalism is replaced by capitalism but not capitalism, which is 500 years old, rotten and causing massive destruction of the productive forces, in fact the mankind itself as Stephen Hawking says!
ICC is, like UNO, IMF, WB, a masked face of imperialism, which the author rightly says may act against Netanyahu to keep its credibility intact. But this criminal will be replaced by another one, continuing the crime of capital, finance capital against humanity.
We have time to defeat this morbid monster and save the mankind!

Josep Goded

During the last decade, Netanyahu has been responsible for numerous violations of human rights, war crimes, sexual abuses of children and the death of thousands of innocent Palestinians. For years, the international community led, by the U.S. has ignored Netanyahu’s crimes. However, his recidivism of criminal acts against Palestinians on a regular basis has led several countries and international organisations to condemn Israeli’s war crimes and violation of human rights. The increasing indignation among world MP’s with Netanyahu’s government may soon trigger a prosecution against him at the International Court. Here are some of his atrocities:


In 2014, Prime Minister Netanyahu launched the Operation Protective Edge based on a 50 days war in Gaza. During the operation, Israel indiscriminately killed over 1500 innocent people, including children. More than 20,000 homes were reduced to rubble or rendered uninhabitable. However, the most shocking…

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