Fake Twitter Ids!

Think of fake Twitter ids.
They are in ‘existence’ since years but have never posted or liked any other twits. They are without faces, no TL pictures, no followers and not followed by any or maximum follow is less than 05!
Also, there are Twitter agencencies, agents who are there to do business, promote your Twitter handles on payment. They claim to make 1000s of followers on payment of 10-100 USDs only!
There are Event Managers, who manage your Twitter, FB & other Social Media ids on much heavier payments!
Even there are paid Trolls sitting behind IT Hubs run by political parties on payments, who keep creating fake ids and following some particular id and supporting & then forgetting that id!
If you analyse Twitter ids of ‘big’ people, like Politicians, Film Actors/Actresses, Sport Legends, etc, you will find more than 80-90% followers are fake!
If fake ids are deleted by the service providers, suddenly, their huge followers will vanish, like Fictitious Capital, during economic crisis!
Think logically, do not remain an idiot to think that your revered leaders, politicians, religious or cultural parasites are super entity & world is there to welcome them!
Personality cult is a disease, worse than cancerous virus, eating up your limited brain cells!


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